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How long must a light-duty reassignment go on?


Q. An employee returned after a work-related injury with doctor restrictions. We put her in a light-duty job, but it’s been more than 90 days with no end in sight. She works a full eight-hour day, but not in the job we hired her for. What can we do?

Prepare to explain necessity of medical exams


Employers that require all employees to undergo medical exams either annually or following injury or illness may have a hard time justifying their policies under the ADA.

ADA interactive accommodations process not required—if employee isn’t disabled


Employers are supposed to engage with disabled workers and applicants in the ADA’s interactive accommodations process in order to arrive at reasonable accommodations. But what if the employer refuses—and it turns out the employee wasn’t actually disabled?

A matter of balance: Medical marijuana, the ADA and drug testing


In Pennsylvania, case law says employers should balance an employee’s privacy interests against the need for random drug testing.

Are brutal hours really essential to the job? Failure-to-accommodate suit could test that


In many organizations, it’s expected that exempt employees will routinely have to work more than the standard 40-hour workweek. What happens if an employee who has previously worked those long hours suddenly becomes disabled and can no longer put in 10 or 12 hours per day?

‘Boss-ectomy’ not what FEHA doctor ordered


Under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, employees who say they can’t work under a particular supervisor are not deemed to be disabled. Therefore, they aren’t entitled to any accommodation.

Reassignment can be post-FMLA accommodation


When a disabled employee wants to return to work, limitations may make it impossible for him to do his old job. If so, it may be reasonable to either grant more leave or reassign the employee—or both.

When disabled employee tests positive, prepare to dig deep into prescription history


Does your organization test employees you suspect are under the influence of drugs and alcohol at work? If so, make sure you understand your obligation to disabled employees who may have been prescribed medications that can trigger a positive drug test response.

Was disability bias behind Lowe’s manager demotion?


An employee at a Lowe’s store in Cleburne, Texas claims the home improvement chain violated the ADA when it demoted him from his department manager position and cut his pay.

Texas agencies may be immune to ADA claims


Texas state agencies may not be sued under several federal laws unless state government immunity has been waived by Texas.

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