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Here are a few recent stories from The HR LAW Weekly :

  • Job Descriptions: Top 3 Legal Reasons Why You Need Them.
    It's easier to keep things informal — until it isn't.
  • Employee Verification: Your Line-By-Line Guide to I-9 Changes.
    Immigration law carries massive penalties, including JAIL TIME, for non-compliance.
  • Your Dollars at Risk: 6 Ways to Protect Yourself from Liability.
    A half-dozen simple steps you can take to avoid legal hot water.
  • Manager Mistakes: Crucial Lessons from the Courtroom.
    Managers usually get promoted to supervisory posts based on their job skills, not their people skills.
  • You're Being Audited! The IRS Answers 5 Key Questions.
    Nothing sends chills down a boss's spine like the words "IRS audit."
  • By the Numbers: Which Employment Laws Apply to You?
    Think you're too small to be subject to federal employment regulations? Think again.
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