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Other recent headlines should give you a glimpse into the sheer variety of topics covered by The HR Specialist :

  • The 10 most important things HR needs to know about the CEO
  • Avoiding the top 10 employee handbook errors
  • Creating a social media policy on worker use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • How HR can advance the big boss's goals—and your career
  • Calculating the true impact of employee turnover on your bottom line

PLUS, you'll receive valuable tips on steering clear of legal nightmares, including:

  • Making sure you're complying with FLSA overtime rules
  • How to avoid FMLA fraud and abuse
  • Maintaining I-9s: 5 things you MUST do, and 5 you should NEVER do

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The HR Specialist is an incisive monthly advisory is written especially for you—the HR pro who doesn't have all day to pore over journals or surf the Web for the HR insights you need.

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