Debt threatens employees' readiness to retire

In a recent survey of participants in employer-sponsored defined-contribution retirement plans, more than 60% of households reported that they are accumulating debt faster than they are saving for retirement. The culprit: credit card debt.

Retirement plans growing in post-recession rebound

Since the Great Recession ended, a higher percentage of employees work for employers that offer retirement plans and a higher percentage of them are participating in the plans, according to a report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.

401(k) fees higher for employees at small firms

Over the course of a 35-year career, an employee of a small company will pay $100,000 more in 401(k) administration fees than someone who works for a large firm.

IRS extends tax-free benefits to all same-sex married couples

New IRS guidance affirms: Same-sex married employees are entitled to all federal spousal tax benefits, even if they live in a state that doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage.

Retirement plans defined: A lexicon of benefits options

Regardless of the kind of retirement plan your company offers, it pays to know what all your company's options are. Here are definitions of five basic kinds of retirement plans.

What kind of financial advice does HR offer employees?

In a poll of 518 SHRM members, 59% of HR professionals say they offer online investment advice; 53% offer one-on-one advice ...

Consider diversifying investment options with Roth 401(k)s

It may be time to talk to your fund administrator about adding a new feature to your organization’s portfolio of retirement benefits: the option for employees to transfer 401(k) funds into a Roth 401(k).

DOL proposes income projections on retirement fund statements

Annual or quarterly statements for 401(k) and 403(b) retirement funds could soon include graphs showing how much monthly income employees can expect to receive from their investments.

Uncle Sam's 2014 budget: Will it cap retirement savings?

Recent FY2014 budget proposals by President Obama include a major change for retirement savers: A new $3 million limit would apply to assets in qualified retirement plans such as 401(k)plans, as well as defined-benefit pensions and IRAs.

Feds offer free toolkit to help employees plan for retirement

Help your employees jumpstart their retirement savings by pointing them toward a new planning toolkit prepared by the U.S. Department of Labor and the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

Consider offering the best-ever retirement benefit


When most employees change jobs, they either cash out previous 401(k) accounts (bad move) or roll them over into an IRA (better). Very few opt for what may be the very best money move: rolling retirement funds into a similar 401(k) plan at their new organization.

Hasty retirement benefits offer may show retaliation

Before offering a retirement package that’s contingent on giving up the right to sue, make sure you comply with the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA) requirements. That includes giving the employee time to review the agreement and talk to a lawyer.

401(k)s bounce back, but many workers still leave money on table

Employee participation rates in their employers' 401(k)s are up, according to a new survey by WorldatWork and the American Benefits Council. But fewer than 10% of employees contribute the maximum to their retirement plans.

401(k)s remain strong even after recession

Despite the tepid economy of the past five years, employers have remained committed to funding their employees’ 401(k) retirement benefits, according to a recent survey. Employee participation rates are up, and workers are relying less on their 401(k)s for emergency cash.

DOL asks court to appoint fiduciary for 'orphaned' 401(k)

When the owner of Windswept Envi­ron­mental Group died in Nov­ember 2008, he left behind more than a business. The Bay Shore company’s 401(k) retirement plan was orphaned, too, since the owner was the plan’s only fiduciary. Now the DOL has asked a court to appoint a fiduciary for the plan.
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