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Minnesota employers push for 401(k) enrollment, direct deposit

Twenty Minnesota employers, including Target and the University of Minnesota, aim to convince more employees to contribute to their retirement savings plans and use direct deposit for their pay, as part of the employer-organized Financially Fit Minnesota program …

Con Ed retirees sue, saying buyout was a costly sellout

New York Con Ed employees who took an early retirement buyout have filed a class-action lawsuit alleging the deal was nothing more than a loan-shark scheme …

Attorney General Cuomo calls double dipping ‘Inexcusable’

State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has subpoenaed the records of all 124 school districts on Long Island in an investigation of “double dipping” by administrators who received state pensions and were rehired for lucrative interim positions …

Duluth: Municipal retirees should sign up for Medicare

The city of Duluth says it can save up to $600,000 per year if 37 of its retirees sign up for Medicare. The city discovered during a recent audit that some of its retirees weren’t enrolled in the federal retiree health insurance program …

You sometimes can boost benefits during union election

As a general rule, once a union organizing drive is under way at a nonunion workplace, management can’t make any changes to the terms and conditions of employment. But what if the changes management wants to make are ones that the company has routinely made around that same time of year? …

New resource helps you launch auto-Enroll 401(k)

Looking to increase participation in your 401(k)? With the government’s recent blessing, more employers are turning their 401(k) plans into “opt-out” plans rather than “opt-in.” …

Senate panel votes to stop police from ‘Double dipping’

Following reports that more than 8,000 state employees are “double dipping”—collecting a pension while returning to work to collect a state salary—some lawmakers have tried to stop the practice. Another 131 state employees are said to be triple dipping …

Partner with marketing to create effective benefits messages

More than half of all organizations rely on employee newsletters, special mailings and other printed pieces to increase enrollment in benefits programs, says a new study from the benefits consulting firm Watson Wyatt. Those pieces might not be as effective as you think. What you really need to do is convince employees to make some changes in how they manage their own benefits …

Supreme Court allows employees to sue for 401(k) losses

In a decision that could spark more lawsuits against retirement plan administrators, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Feb. 20 that participants in 401(k) plans could sue to recover losses if they think their accounts were mismanaged …

Attract and keep young workers with ‘Portable’ benefits

Your organization’s youngest workers learned an important lesson about the workplace from their parents: You can’t count on keeping the same job for your whole career. If you want your talented Gen Y employees to stick around, you’re going to have to change the way you look at employee benefits. Here are three things they want that might surprise you …