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5 tips to help co-workers hear your ideas


Build buy-in by ‘noticing out loud’

It sounds simple but it takes empathy and awareness. Test the technique with a waiter or salesperson (“You’ve pointed out features I didn’t even notice—that was so helpful!”), and then watch how his or her attitude and service improve.

Repackage your ideas to sell

If you believe in an idea that got shot down, brainstorm other ways to repackage the same concepts. Proof in the pudding: A diet book titled The Moderate Carbohydrate Diet only achieved modest sales—until it was renamed The South Beach Diet.

Use what you know to connect

Become a better conversationalist by using information you know about someone to ask questions. Example: “I remember you love gardening. What are you growing these days?” Showing that you recall details from prior conversations will prove that you respect and listen to that person.

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Get agreement with repetition

You’ll gain support for your idea if you repeat it from time to time. According to scientists at Virginia Tech, when people hear the same idea over and over—even from the same source—it gives the impression that it’s a popular viewpoint, which makes people more likely to agree to it.

Wear navy blue

Seriously. It’s the favorite color of politicians and CEOs for a reason. Color researchers say it communicates power, loyalty and dependability—traits people look up to.