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Is our points-based attendance policy a sound one?


Q: “We have a long time employee who calls in ‘sick’ frequently. She has never produced a doctor’s note for these absences. Our office has now established a more formal attendance policy stating that one absence = 1 point.
  • 4 Points: A coaching session with the employee
  • 6 Points: A verbal warning to the employee
  • 8 Points: A final written warning to the employee
  • 10 Points: The employee will be discharged.
“What concerns should we have about disciplining her for attendance? She is already at seven points. Unfortunately, her team lead has not met with her to go over the coaching session or the verbal warning yet. She plans on having that conversation this week. Knowing how her attendance has been in the past, she will probably collect the other points within the next two months.” – Kathleen, Indiana


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