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Joseph L. Beachboard (Editor)

California Employment Law

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Joseph L. Beachboard is a nationally recognized expert on employment law issues who speaks regularly at SHRM and other HR events. He also is a regular contributor to several national and California publications. In 2000, Mr. Beachboard sold The Labor Letters, Inc., a publisher of monthly employment law journals that he founded to advise human resource professionals. He is a founding member and executive director of the Management Employment Law Roundtable, a national, invitation only, organization of management labor and employment lawyers.

Los Angeles Times sportswriter Simers wins $15 million in bias suit

A jury has awarded a former Los Angeles Times sports columnist $15.4 million in his age and disability lawsuit against the paper. With interest, the amount could reach $22 million.

ADA blame game creates hostile environment

Instruct all employees to treat everyone with respect and avoid crass blame games.

Confusing arbitration pact favors employee

If you use an arbitration agreement to limit state and federal employment litigation, make sure the agreement your employees sign isn’t confusing. Courts interpret agreements against those who drafted them.

Arbitration agreement can last as long as employment

A properly worded arbitration agreement that has no end date remains in force throughout the employment relationship. Just make sure you get a new employee’s signature on the agreement when he starts work; then keep a copy indefinitely.

No preconditions: Always look into harassment

Courts expect you to investigate every sexual harassment complaint. That means you should never put conditions on accepting a complaint for investigation.

The gig is up! New AB 5 law turns many contractors into employees

Under the law, an app-based company such as Uber or Lyft must pay minimum wages and unemployment compensation to contractors if the company exerts control over how a worker performs the work or if their work is part of the company’s regular business.

Bay area bistro forks over more than $172k in overtime

New Thai Bistro in Alameda County will pay 14 employees $172,862 after investigators from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division found the restaurant violated the Fair Labor Standards Act.

TB or not TB: That is the question in Oakland

Cooking Around the World, an Oakland after-school cooking camp, has settled charges it violated the ADA when it demoted an employee who tested positive for an inactive form of tuberculosis.

Ensure settlement agreement ends threat of litigation

Sometimes, it makes sense to settle employment-related lawsuits before they go to court. But settling only make sense if the settlement agreement is drafted to ensure there is no possibility of future litigation.

You won in court! Congratulations! Don’t expect to have legal costs reimbursed

Courts are sensitive to the deterrent effect saddling the losing employee with legal costs could have.