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For unemployment, cursing amounts to misconduct

Pennsylvania workers can be denied unemployment benefits for willful misconduct. A court just decided cursing counts, even if there’s no specific rule against it.

Rule would let employers drop contraception

The Department of Health and Human Services has drafted a proposed rule that would strip away the Affordable Care Act’s mandate requiring most employer-provided health insurance policies to cover contraceptive services. The rule would allow exemptions for any employer holding “religious beliefs or moral convictions” that oppose birth control.

Beware creative workers’ comp fraud: The case of the ‘sprinkler selfie’ injury

Florida says fraud is one reason workers’ comp premiums for businesses rose by 14.5% last year.

Collect unemployment during furloughs in Minnesota?

Q. As a labor cost-cutting measure we are scheduling employees for three weeks on and one week off. We expect to keep this schedule indefinitely. Can employees collect unemployment for the one week they are off?

Personal care industry: Know the unique UC rules

Under Minnesota’s unemployment compensation laws, when service for a particular patient ends, attendants are only eligible for unemployment compensation benefits if they tell the staffing service they are willing and able to work with another patient. Otherwise, the end of the original assignment doesn’t count as a discharge.

Employee misconduct bars unemployment benefits

Employees who are terminated for misconduct aren’t eligible for unemployment compensation benefits. Just about any breach of an employer’s rules amounts to misconduct.

Employer-provided health costs rising worldwide

The 2017 Willis Towers Watson Global Medical Trends Survey found that medical insurers globally are projecting the cost of health care benefits to rise 7.8% this year, an increase from 7.3% in 2016.

Snapshot: Employers most concerned about health care reform

Employers expect efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act will have the most significant impact on their operations.

Benefits mistake creates unemployment comp eligibility

A worker who claimed her new employer reneged on promised benefits has won her bid to receive unemployment compensation.

Health, retirement perks remain strong draws

Health insurance remains the employer-provided benefit employees value most, followed by retirement savings.