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Final regs address affordable, minimum value health coverage

If your health plan is affordable and provides minimum value, employees who buy individual health insurance on the exchanges can’t qualify for the premium tax credit, and you’re off the hook for a free-rider penalty.

As work evolves, do old pay rules still apply?

Technology and new ways of doing things sometimes clash with old laws and regulations. Take, for example, the Fair Labor Standards Act rules on who is an exempt employee.

March 2016: Employer’s business tax calendar

Here’s your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.

FICA refunds due on ‘excess’ mass transit fringes

Congress’ retroactive reinstatement of parity between mass transit benefits and employer-provided parking is no favor to Payroll.

A sample request form for corrected/reissued 2015 W-2s

Here is a form you can use when employees request a corrected or reissued W2.

Title VII and Payroll make uneasy bedfellows

Just how far does Payroll have to go to accommodate an employee or job applicant’s religious beliefs under Title VII, the federal antidiscrimination law?

Technology bytes; the FLSA bites harder

Odds are your company has a website. If you’re thinking of enhancing that website, say, with employee-written blogs, be careful. A federal trial court provided a stark reminder of the Fair Labor Standards Act’s rule that nonexempts can’t volunteer any time to their employers when it ruled that a nonexempt who volunteered to write a company blog can pursue her claim for unpaid overtime.

Ignore new IRS notices at your peril

Last fall, the IRS launched a new pilot program, called the Early Interaction Initiative. This initiative is designed to help employers catch up on their payment and reporting responsibilities.

IRS releases a potpourri of ACA guidance

The IRS has released guidance covering an assortment of issues under the Affordable Care Act, including how certain cafeteria plan flex contributions affect affordability, adjustments to the affordability safe harbors and penalty relief for failing to file correct Forms 1095-C/1094-C or 1095-B/1094-B.

‘Ghosts’ on payroll haunt HR, but not hallways

Here’s a new worry for employers: “Ghost” employees who receive paychecks and benefits but never actually show up for work.