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EEOC issues one last update to COVID-related anti-discrimination guidance

In response to the official end of the COVID-19 public health emergency on May 11, the EEOC has updated its guidance on COVID-related discrimination protections.

Follow this process for accommodating disabled employees’ service animals at work

Many people with disabilities use service animals to navigate daily life. It should come as no surprise, then, that they often request permission to bring service animals to work as a reasonable accommodation. How far must an employer go to honor that request? Here’s your guide to accommodating service animals at work.

‘Other duties’ may be essential under ADA

Can “other duties as assigned” be considered essential tasks when it comes to setting ADA accommodations? That’s an important question, because the ADA only protects employees capable of performing the essential functions of their jobs.

ADA accommodations depend on accurate job descriptions

An up-to-date job description is essential for making ADA accommodation decisions.

Understand your obligation to accommodate disabilities arising from long COVID

With the national COVID-19 pandemic emergency set to expire on May 11, it’s tempting to put the coronavirus crisis behind us. Unfortunately, it won’t be easy. That’s because millions of American workers may be disabled in the aftermath of one or more bouts with COVID-19 and its variants, suffering from post-COVID conditions commonly called long COVID.

3 lawsuits show EEOC is serious about COVID-related disabilities

According to its most recent data, the EEOC has received about 6,000 COVID-related complaints. Of those, about 60% involve alleged violations of the ADA, including disability-discrimination claims focusing on telework as an accommodation and discrimination against workers perceived as vulnerable to serious COVID-19 outcomes.

How to accommodate an emerging disability: Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome

Some disabilities are so obvious that employers know how to reasonably accommodate them. But what about rare or emerging disabilities?

Requiring employees to return to the office: The next ADA accommodation battleground?

With the emergency COVID declaration set to end in May, Disney CEO Bob Iger had decreed that almost all the company’s remote and hybrid workers had to return to the office four days per week beginning March 1. Iger argues that on-site work is essential to maintaining the company’s creative edge.

How to handle long COVID under ADA, FMLA

A new study from New York’s largest workers’ comp carrier says long COVID contributes significantly to current labor shortages and harms productivity.

Read the EEOC’s new rules on hearing disabilities

The EEOC has issued new technical assistance for employers on accommodating applicants and employees with hearing disabilities. It’s timely guidance; the EEOC has filed or settled several cases involving deafness in the past year alone.