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Employment Contracts

He’s not your employee! Don’t meddle with contracted service workers

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Arbitration covers claims for unpaid bonus and severance


The California Court of Appeal recently ruled that binding arbitration mandated by an arbitration agreement could determine a former employee’s wage claims for an unpaid profit-sharing bonus and severance pay …

River Vale to pay $75,000 for mayor’s conduct


The township of River Vale settled a lawsuit with Police Chief Aaron Back over harassment by former Mayor George Paschalis. Back testified that Paschalis repeatedly threatened to fire him …

You can require arbitration of federal and Michigan discrimination claims


Good news if you’ve ever wondered whether that arbitration clause you had your employees sign is valid. As long as certain conditions are met, employers can require employees to sign an arbitration agreement as a condition of employment …

Keeping your customers after your employees go to a competitor


Noncompete agreements protect employers should an employee leave and go to work for a competitor. But what happens if there isn’t a noncompetition agreement in place? Does an employer have any remedy against a former employee? …

The court affirms: Your employee has the right to an attorney


An Ohio appeals court significantly expanded employees’ rights recently when it upheld a fired employee’s right to trial after her employer terminated her because she threatened to talk to her attorney …

Stick it to the man! Wait, I am the man!


A group formed to free restaurant workers from the yoke of exploitation is about to be sued for exploiting them in turn …

Train your managers: Make no promises about wages or raises


Florida contract law recognizes oral contracts. That’s why it’s important to train all managers and supervisors to avoid promising employees any specific wage increases …

You can include FMLA waiver in severance agreement


Until recently, it was unclear whether Pennsylvania employers could require employees to give up the right to sue for FMLA violations in exchange for severance payments. That was because the FMLA explicitly says employees can’t waive their FMLA rights as a condition of employment

Paying employees on commission? Clarify terms up front to defend against WPCL claims


The Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law (WPCL) allows employees to sue their employers for unpaid wages, including commissions and the like. Because the WPCL allows any wage contract claim, including oral agreements, it’s important for employers to clarify the terms up front and preferably in writing