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Military Leave / USERRA

New rules define employers’ reservist-leave responsibilities

Employers confused over how to comply with the Uniformed Services Em-ployment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) now have new guidelines to follow. For the first time since USERRA’s passage in 1994, …

Don’t let a scheduling conflict prompt reservists’ discipline, firing

Run supervisors through some basic training on strict
military-leave law. Why? More than 168,000 National Guard and reservists are currently on active duty and Congress is considering changes that would …

Beware legal pitfalls of rehiring ex-workers, laid-off staff

If your organization pared back during the economic slide, you may be joining other employers that are rebuilding their staffing levels.
More employers expect to pick up the hiring pace …

Ease bumpy workplace re-entry for returning reservists

Issue: Reservists returning from war create special challenges for your work force and your organization.
Risk: Loss of productivity and distractions among staff; reservists may face challenges at work and …

Workers on military leave? Take obligations seriously

More than 175,000 reserve and National Guard troops have been called to active duty, putting a serious strain on many businesses. If one or more of your employees …

Don’t fight reservist reinstatement: You’ll lose

Now is not the time for your company to appear unpatriotic, in the public’s eye or before a judge. As a recent ruling shows, courts are bending over backward to give …

Military service counts toward FMLA eligibility

Ordinarily, workers are eligible for unpaid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) after working for at least 12 months at a company and clocking at least 1,250 hours …

Crisis management: Set smart policy before disaster strikes

The size of the Sept. 11 attacks magnified the impact that a disaster can have on a workplace, thousands attempting to evacuate …

Reservist leave: Know workers’ rights when duty calls

Forget the image of the “weekend warrior” serving one weekend a month and two weeks a year in the National Guard or Reserves. Uncle Sam wants your employees …