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Liability is murky, but employers should still take measures to protect personal data

Can an employer be held liable for any damage that results from a data breach that leads to identity theft?

Postage and parking fees do not a lawsuit make

Sometimes, all an employee has to do to bring a federal lawsuit is pay the filing fee. The result is that employers sometimes have to defend against bogus claims.

HR data security: 5 questions to ask IT today

Before you add even one more sensitive file to the server, find out just how secure your systems truly are.

New SSN alerts could spark questions for HR

The IRS has begun notifying employees whose Social Security numbers have been used by someone else to get a job.

GPS technology raises privacy concerns

It’s easy to track where the phone is—and by extension, the location of the employee carrying it. Is this legal?

With DTSA, trade secrets finally get federal protection

Employers now have a uniform federal law to help them pursue trade secret misappropriation claims.

Can you review I-9 documents remotely?

For each new hire, employers must verify employment eligibility by reviewing original documents in person with the employee. But what if that new hire lives and works hundreds of miles away?

Tell managers: Monitor your own email

By now, we all know the devastating effect leaked emails can have on the political process. An email that comes out in litigation can be just as devastating to an employer.

How to proactively protect your trade secrets

Don’t take employee discretion for granted! You need a confidentiality policy to protect trade secrets and other proprietary information from leaving your organization.

4 steps for implementing a litigation hold

Smart employers follow a regular policy of computer-file purging to keep the organization’s network free of unnecessary data. But what if your organization thinks it may be a lawsuit target?