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Background Checks

Converting temps to regular staff? Beware legal hazards

One of the first indicators of an improving job market is a rise in temporary-help jobs. Why? Many organizations, still cautious about taking on full-time employees, test the market first by …

Tap federal program to gain ‘insurance’ on risky hires

Issue: You face risks when hiring ex-cons, recovering addicts and other “second-chance” applicants. Benefit: A little-known federal program makes it easier …

Warn managers never to disclose medical info about former workers

When checking applicants’ references, some employers like to do an “end run” around the HR department. They’ll call the applicant’s former supervisor directly to find out the dirt on the person. …

Extract golden nuggets from reluctant references

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Hiring drivers? Collect more background information

Organizations that hire commercial drivers must now collect, and provide to other employers, more details from their driver applicants.
Reason: The U.S. Transportation Department’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) …

Hire drivers? Start collecting more background info

The U.S. Transportation Department has unveiled new rules that require employers to more closely review applicants’ professional driving safety records and drug-testing history. The rules also require you to make that …

Verifying education claims? Don’t just call the school

Issue: Applicants are taking résumé fraud to a new high-tech level.
Risk: Hackers could alter an applicant’s school records, undermining your background check …

Don’t rely on ‘self-service’ background checks

If job candidates approach you with a written report attesting to the validity of their résumés, don’t stop your background check there. Probe deeper with your own, independent check. New …

Don’t count on total immunity from references


Q. I have a question about providing honest feedback during reference requests. Is it better to defend the fact that I provided a truthful (negative) assessment, rather than trying to explain why I can’t give any reference at all? Aren’t we protected by negligent referral and reference immunity laws? —M.R., Utah

How to prevent growing risk of ‘negligent supervision’ suits

Thorough background checks can help you defeat any negligent hiring claim.
But what if applicants’ background checks come up clean, yet they begin displaying troublesome behavior at your workplace. In …