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Immigration woes a lot of rot, says soon-To-Be ex-Tomato grower

Fourth-generation farmer Keith Eckel, owner of Fred W. Eckel Sons Farms in Clarks Summit, has said he will no longer grow tomatoes because he can’t find enough workers to harvest them. Eckel, Pennsylvania’s largest grower of fresh-to-market tomatoes, hired mostly Mexican laborers to bring in past harvests …

Feds target immigration raids at smaller firms

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) grabbed headlines in the past year with large-scale immigration raids at big companies. But now that ICE has more trained officers and better coordination with other agencies, it’s targeting smaller businesses too …

Cleaning executives get prison time

Three executives of Rosenbaum-Cunningham International (RCI), a Palm Beach firm that provided cleaning services to restaurant chains including Hard Rock Cafe, Dave & Busters, House of Blues and Planet Hollywood, will serve jail time and pay $48.9 million in restitution for employing illegal immigrants and evading taxes …

Cleaning executives get prison time

Three executives of Rosenbaum-Cunningham International, a Florida firm that provided cleaning services to restaurant chains including the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa in Acme, will serve jail time and pay $48.9 million in restitution for employing illegal immigrants and evading taxes …

Dairy protests ads allegedly aimed at Congressional candidate

Joe Oberweis, president of Oberweis Dairy of North Aurora, has filed an injunction to stop the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee from airing ads accusing the company of employing illegal immigrants. Oberweis believes the ads are aimed at his father, Jim Oberweis, the Republican congressional candidate …

Feds increase fines for immigration, I-9 violations

Employers that run afoul of federal immigration laws face stiffer civil fines starting March 27. The increases average about 25% and are triggered by a mandatory inflation adjustment …

Hiring employees through visa programs? Make sure you consider both sexes

Recruiting foreign workers who come to the United States via work visa programs requires carefully adhering to Title VII and other discrimination laws, just as if you were recruiting U.S. workers. Make sure you (or your representative) aren’t pushing foreign workers into different visa programs based on sex or some other protected characteristic …

Indiana House approves illegal immigration bill

Employers that knowingly hire illegal immigrants could lose their licenses under a bill approved by the Indiana House of Representatives in February …

After a merger, must you draft new I-9s for all employees?

Q. Our company is currently going through a merger. Are we required to complete a new I-9 employment eligibility form for each employee who worked for the other company, or are these employees “grandfathered” in? …

HR Groups Rally Around Legislation to Create New Electronic Verification System


Congress is considering legislation that would create a new mandatory electronic employment eligibility verification system to replace the current, widely criticized E-Verify program. HR groups are applauding, in part because 90% of employers already use the software on which it is based. Learn more about a proposal that could greatly simplify a cumbersome process.