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Job search during work hours? Shut it down

It happens all the time: A supervisor gets wind that one of her employees is looking for a new job—on company time!

Online shopping doesn’t bar unemployment comp

Are your workplace rules on Internet usage vague? Then firing an employee for shopping online or other wasted time may not bar unemployment compensation benefits in Pennsylvania.

Back up subjective performance-review assessments with concrete examples

When it comes to evaluating employees, supervisors and managers sometimes rely too much on subjective measures. Some employees allege that such generalizations are merely a way to cover up bias.

Are your records really ready for inspection?

“I have been a part of many information governance/records management horror stories,” says Braden Perry, litigation, regulatory and government investigations attorney with Kennyhertz Perry, LLC. We asked him for some warning signs that you’re not prepared for your system to be examined at close range.

3 factors to consider when employees use texts for business

They’ve become an important medium for getting work done, so you need a policy that covers how they’re used.

Can I tell employees they better not vote for a particular political candidate?


Q. With the upcoming presidential elections, conversation among our employees has increased concerning the candidates and their positions on certain issues. I overheard an employee supporting Donald Trump, a candidate who goes against all of my core beliefs. Can I tell him that any employee of mine cannot support Trump?

Military leads way on family-friendly policies

Serving in the military and raising a family haven’t always been compatible, especially during times of international conflict and repeat deployments overseas.

Do you have an e-cigarette policy?

How to tackle “vaping” at work.

Cupid among the cubicles: 37% have dated co-workers

What do Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Brad Pitt have in common? All met their significant others at work. They’re also far from alone.

Office betting pools: Is it time to crack down?

You don’t need to crack down on minor pools, but you should write a policy on habitual gambling at work. The real danger of office bracketology lies in its effect on compulsive gamblers who may be on your payroll.