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Rid absence policy of risky doublespeak

Re-examine your absence policy, paying special attention to identify clauses that attach varying conditions on whom the policy applies to and when it applies.
Plaintiffs’ attorneys and courts will poke …

Don’t let a scheduling conflict prompt reservists’ discipline, firing

Run supervisors through some basic training on strict
military-leave law. Why? More than 168,000 National Guard and reservists are currently on active duty and Congress is considering changes that would …

Employ simple strategy to catch resume lies


Here’s an easy-but-effective strategy for helping managers make better hiring decisions: Give them a quick reminder before the interview about the potential …

Access free government training on preventing violence at work

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) just released a 27-minute training video that offers practical ways for businesses to identify violence-at-work risk factors and keep employees safe.

Top brass not listening? Scare ’em straight with true stories

Issue: Many CEOs take a head-in-the-sand approach to employment-law threats. Risk: The top brass may tune you out if you simply tell them …

Trump ‘The Donald’ with benefits of apprenticeships

Issue: Your organization can benefit from government-backed apprenticeship programs. Benefit: Such programs can help you attract better applicants, cut turnover …

Would your harassment training pass legal muster? 5 fixes

Issue: In harassment and discrimination lawsuits, courts examine whether your training is effective, frequent or formal enough. Risk: Simply having a …

Protecting trade secrets: Loose lips sink your legal defense

THE LAW. Today’s definition of trade secrets encompasses any information, technical or nontechnical, that your organization has reasonably protected and is valuable enough to give you an actual or potential …

To cut turnover, give applicants a realistic view of job

Issue: How much should you, or the hiring manager, “sell” a position versus giving the full picture, warts and all? Risk: Providing an overly rosy scenario will create …

Ease pay complaints & turnover by training managers


More often than not, employees believe that their pay levels are pulled out of a hat. And when employees do raise questions about their compensation, they typically go first to their front-line supervisor: the person with the greatest impact on their morale but the least-trained person to offer a good answer …