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Other recent headlines should give you a glimpse into the sheer variety of topics covered by New York Employment Law :

  • How you can fight a terminated employee's claims of racial discrimination
  • Who gets the final word on class-action cases
  • When you can — and cannot — request medical information from employees
  • How to comply with the state law on harassment training
  • Answers to employment law questions asked by other HR professionals

We're as comprehensive as possible so you can go home at night knowing you've done everything you can to be your organization's most effective watchdog.

New York Employment Law

Toe the line on federal employment law, and New York law could still trip you up:

Allow managers to yell at employees? A New York jury may find you guilty of inflicting emotional distress.

Fail to report an employee's illegal online activities? You could be liable for a huge negligence suit.

Forget to check an applicant's references? If that employee later commits criminal misdeeds, you can face a massive negligent-hiring lawsuit.

New York Employment Law aims to safeguard against them. Lawsuit-happy employees may rely on friendly juries and ferocious attorneys. But with the guidance right here, right now, you may never have to face them in court.

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John Wilcox

An offer from the Editor

How confident are you that you haven't missed a key development in New York law in the last year? Worry no longer; we'll bring you up to speed with this timely report.

Because in New York, employees have far more rights than in other states. They can hit you with million-dollar lawsuits over everything from unemployment and workers' comp to how you calculate overtime, even if you're in compliance with federal requirements. One minute, you're in the dark about state law. The next minute — blam! — you're blasted into court and onto the front page of the newspaper.

Lawsuit-happy employees may rely on friendly juries and ferocious attorneys. But with the guidance right here, right now, you may never have to face them in court.

Let's work together to keep your workplace free of legal headaches.

John Wilcox
Senior Editor
New York Employment Law

New York Employment Law
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