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What plaintiff’s lawyers don’t want HR pros to know

by 08/11/2009

There are ways to keep attorneys like Whitney Warner at bay.

At the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conference in New Orleans, Warner, an attorney with the Albuquerque firm of Moody & Warner, confessed to the actions companies can take that act as “lawyer repellent” to her.

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She often represents employees in employment lawsuits.

Warner said employee’s lawyers hate it when employers

  • Act quickly when an employee complains
  • Thoroughly document employment actions
  • Have effective and fair discipline policies in their employee handbooks.

Conducting thorough, independent investigations is another key to beating employees’ lawsuits.

Warner can tell you how to apply "lawyer repellent" to every facet of your HR operations — stopping lawsuits BEFORE they start.

What’s red meat for a plaintiff’s attorney? Not only failing to act when a top executive is cited for harassment, but promoting the alleged offender too. Juries will almost always side with the employee when that happens.

It’s also important to give a reason when firing someone. Simply saying, “You’re an at-will employee” isn’t enough. But worse than no reason at all is giving a false one when sued, or changing the reason you originally gave.

At this webinar on Aug. 20, plaintiff’s counsel Whitney Warner will present her standing-room-only speech from June’s SHRM conference for you … as you learn in the comfort of your office. Warner will share the things employers do that slap a bull’s-eye on their backs, including:
  • Who in the company is the bad actor
  • What corrective actions are taken (or NOT taken)
  • The reason given for termination
  • The terminated employee’s performance evaluation
  • How the internal investigation is handled
  • Documentation (or lack thereof) of each step
  • Communications with the plaintiff and the entire organization
  • Answers in testimony and depositions
  • And more!
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