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What plaintiff’s lawyers don’t want HR pros to know


Want to know how to get under the skin of the lawyers who represent employees? Ask one. They won’t all cop to what sinks their cases, but attorney Whitney Warner did. Learn what she fears most when staring down an employer in court.

Prepare your workplace for a possible flu pandemic

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25 Off-Limits Interview Questions

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Federal Contractors Must Use E-Verify to Confirm Worker Eligibility


Employers doing business with Uncle Sam will soon have to begin using the government’s E-Verify Internet-based employment eligibility verification system. Critics say the system is already inaccurate and overburdened. If you’re a federal government contractor, you need to know about this big change. If you’re just generally concerned about increasingly complex employment eligibility rules, we’ve got the info you need.

HR Groups Rally Around Legislation to Create New Electronic Verification System


Congress is considering legislation that would create a new mandatory electronic employment eligibility verification system to replace the current, widely criticized E-Verify program. HR groups are applauding, in part because 90% of employers already use the software on which it is based. Learn more about a proposal that could greatly simplify a cumbersome process.

Safely serving alcohol at company parties


Q. I’m an HR director and I’m planning our company’s holiday party. What is our liability as the host if we serve alcohol?

37 Health Care Cost Containment Strategies

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