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Incentive Pay

12 small holiday timesavers can reduce employee stress


Your organization can help ease employee stress this holiday season by adding a few low-cost timesavers to your holiday bonus package. Small holiday kindnesses on the part of the boss can pay off in a big way for the organization all year. Here are a dozen ways your organization can help holiday-harried employees stay productive at work …

Meanwhile, back at the state, employees seem well fed


Nobody’s accusing the state of Pennsylvania—where “Bonusgate” charges have been swirling—of underpaying its workers. Trying to hold onto his party’s slim majority in the Statehouse, Democratic Majority Floor Leader Bill DeWeese instituted new ethics policies in the wake of a grand jury probe …

NCWHA governs employee incentive and bonus plans


Incentive-pay programs and bonus plans are very common in North Carolina and sometimes constitute a significant portion of an employee’s pay. But if a dispute develops, the employee does not have a claim for breach of an employment contract. Instead, the North Carolina Wage and Hour Act (NCWHA) applies. The application of the NCWHA, which contains notice and nonforfeiture requirements, often takes employers and employees by surprise …

$100,000 day at Hershey Park: Employee appreciation or excess?


Preliminary figures from a state audit of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) revealed extravagant expenditures by the agency, including a $108,000 employee appreciation day at Hershey Park just a month after PHEAA promised to curb spending …

HR Professionals: How Much Are You Really Worth?


Are you overpaid, underpaid or in the right ballpark? A new survey of 88,000 HR professionals provides average compensation levels for dozens of HR positions. Plus, it highlights an important trend–incentive compensation is growing more common in the HR world.

Attract and keep great employees with these 5 ‘Best practices’ benefits


As the HR profession celebrates National Work and Family Month—you knew October was National Work and Family Month, didn’t you?—it’s time to stock up on innovative benefits ideas from U.S. employers. From wellness incentives to “future leave,” these best practices help attract and retain great workers …

NC officials launch 40% more wage investigations since 2003


State examiners looking into wage-and-hour violations at North Carolina businesses opened 7,665 investigations in 2006. That’s an 18% increase over the previous year and a nearly 40% increase from 2003 investigation levels, according to the North Carolina Labor Department’s 2006 annual report …

You can pro-Rate bonuses based on FMLA leave time


Does your organization offer a bonus plan that rewards workers for their productivity? If so, be sure to avoid a surprisingly common mistake that’s tripped up many Indiana employers: incorrectly structuring the bonus plan—or making deductions from bonuses—in a way that violates the FMLA. A new Indiana court ruling shows how an organization can legally pro-rate an employee’s bonus …

Pay raises to stay flat in ’08 while bonus plans take off


If you’re holding the line on pay raises, you’re in good company. Three new surveys agree that most employers will raise salaries between 3.8% and 3.9% for the second year in a row in 2008, halting a steady upward trend in pay raises that began in 2004 …

Class action may be price for policies that invite off-the-Clock work


Does your organization have top-down policies that tacitly create incentives for hourly employees to work extra hours without pay? If so, you may be risking a class-action wage-and-hour lawsuit. That’s what happened to one large employer when a disgruntled hourly employee claimed the company practically forced him to work extra hours in order to keep his job …