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When to Pay for Rest Breaks


Q. What’s the deal on paying workers for rest breaks? —J.S., California

Use new weapon to fight class-action wage suits

It’s no secret that wage-and-hour class action lawsuits, in which mobs of employees sue for unpaid overtime, have skyrocketed. They can be enormously expensive. But a California appeals court ruling gives …

New wage and hour threat: ‘Donning and doffing’ crackdown

The government is going after em-ployers that don’t pay workers for time spent putting on and taking off required work clothes and protective gear. In one of the largest settlements …

Rules of the road: Know when to pay for travel time

Employers know they don’t have to pay Joe Worker for his typical commute into the office. But pay-for-travel questions …

Teen work: Heed strict limits on hours, conditions

THE LAW. Teens are a great source of labor, especially during the summer. But the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) sets strict limits on the hours they can work and …

Be Cautious in Requiring Payment From ‘Short’ Cashier


Q. Management wants to institute a policy that requires cashiers whose registers are short at night’s end to replace the disputed amount out of their own pockets. Does this violate the law? —B.B., New York

Overtime pay doesn’t have to apply to after-hours job training

Four campus police officers were required to be certified as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) within one year of being hired as probationary police officers. Most of the required classes occurred outside …

Dual-Method Time Sheets OK


Q. Our nonsupervisory, hourly employees punch in using a time clock. Our supervisors write timecards. Is this dual method acceptable or could it lead to legal trouble? —A.N., New Hampshire

Direct employee retirement inquiries to new Labor hotline

In the wake of the Enron debacle, the U.S. Labor Department has introduced a new toll-free number, (866) 275-7922, for companies and employees who have questions about their retirement …

‘Hybrid’ pay plan can kill exempt status

A full-time home health care nurse in Cleveland was required to complete at least 25 patient visits per week, for which she was paid on a per-visit fee basis. She also …