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DOL: That guy you just fired might be a whistleblower

OSHA has a litigation unit devoted solely to enforcing 20 different whistleblower laws that fall under the Department of Labor’s jurisdiction. Here’s an example of the kind of case this unit handles.

Refusing to hire a litigious applicant: Is that retaliation?

Brian Flores, the fired coach of the Miami Dolphins, has turned himself toxic by filing a lawsuit alleging systemic racial discrimination, fraud and bribery. Yet any team refusing to hire Flores now because he sued over the NFL’s discriminatory hiring practice would likely be committing unlawful retaliation.

Paying with 91,500 pennies draws DOL’s attention—and more charges

A Georgia business owner is being sued for retaliation after delivering a former employee’s final pay in the form of 91,500 oil-covered pennies dumped in the man’s driveway.

Offer paid suspension while you investigate allegations

When employees are accused of serious misconduct, consider suspending them with pay. It’s a way to keep alleged bad actors from doing further damage while discouraging them from suing for discrimination and retaliation.

Griping about low pay isn’t always protected activity

Countless federal laws make it illegal for employers to retaliate against employees for engaging in protected activities such as reporting alleged discrimination or unfair labor practices. However, not all employee complaints earn protection against retaliation.

Retaliation by top executive or HR? Prepare to pay up

Congratulations! A court just said you were not liable for discrimination! Now about that retaliation claim ….

EEOC clarifies what’s pandemic retaliation

The EEOC has updated its retaliation guidance for the coronavirus pandemic age, releasing a new technical assistance document explaining how to balance employee anti-retaliation rights under the ADA, Title VII and other laws against an employer’s need to enforce covid health and safety protocols.

3 federal agencies team up to stop retaliation

The U.S. Department of Labor, the EEOC and the National Labor Relations Board are responsible for enforcing most federal anti-discrimination laws affecting workers and the workplace. Concerned with an increase in the number of employee lawsuits accusing employers of retaliation, those three agencies have joined forces to raise awareness about the problem.

DOL lawsuit alleges retaliation for reporting coronavirus concerns

The U.S. Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit against a luxury car dealer in Texas for terminating an employee who warned managers and co-workers about potential coronavirus hazards in the workplace.

Beware retaliation against activist employees

Amazon has agreed to settle allegations it retaliated against two former employees who organized demonstrations decrying the retail giant’s environmental impact and helped employees protest working conditions.