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Employees sit up and beg for pet lovers’ insurance

Most employers that offer health insurance to employees also let them buy additional coverage for family members. Perhaps it’s not so unusual then that some companies provide optional pet health insurance. After all, for many people, pets are part of the family, too …

Alternative staffing models may save on employment costs

During these difficult economic times, small and midsized businesses are looking for ways to reduce their employment costs—while maintaining employee benefits and gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Many employers are looking at alternative staffing models to meet those objectives …

‘Mini-Meds’ offer inexpensive health care coverage options


Providing affordable employee health insurance is tough for many small companies and those employing lots of part-time workers. If that sounds like your organization, it may be time to consider offering a “mini-med” plan that covers limited health care expenses at a relatively low cost. Here’s what you need to know …

10 things HR can do to help their companies go ‘green’


Everywhere you turn, something or someone is being promoted as “environmentally friendly.” U.S. employers are no different; they’re jumping into all kinds of green practices in a bid to improve their public images, boost employee morale/loyalty and potentially cut costs …

How to Lure Passive Job Candidates

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What ‘Brown’ does for employees, education


UPS uses a tuition assistance program to attract part-time employees to work the graveyard shift. Much of the $300 million the firm has spent on tuition assistance programs over 10 years has paid for its trademarked Earn and Learn program for part-time employees …

Choosing a recruiter? Steer clear of these 4 deadly sins


Say you need just the right person for a key executive position, so you bring in a recruiting firm for the first time. But the result is a small, inferior candidate pool and/or the new hire jumps ship after three months. The process takes longer than it should and you overpay for inefficient service. Advice: If you must hire a recruiting firm, avoid these common mistakes …

Creative job titles can reap big recruiting ROI


Innovative titles are a great way to draw more eyeballs—and possibly some PR—to your online job listings. Example: A division of Sheraton hotels put out the call for a CBO (Chief Beer Officer) …

CEO’s handwritten notes help seal recruiting deal


Gen Y employees love to communicate electronically, but remember: They can still be swayed by the power of the handwritten note …

7 ways for employers—Big or small—To recruit & retain in ’08


f you work for a large organization, get ready to fight with small ones for your employees. If you work for a small organization, get ready to spend more on the pay and benefits that will lure big-company stars over to your shop …