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Rehiring ex-addict? Get proof of rehab

Joel Hernandez had worked for Hughes Aircraft for 25 years when he tested positive for cocaine during a workplace drug test. Rather than be fired, he resigned. The company noted in …

Tread Carefully With Drug Test, Psychiatric Help


Q. Can we suggest psychiatric help for an employee who we suspect may be having trouble with substance abuse? And can we require a random drug test? —H.J., Texas

Create a job testing policy that’s rock solid and bias-proof

Charles Sledge, an African-American builder at a tire manufacturing plant for 23 years, was repeatedly denied the chance to interview for a promotion to mechanic. In every case, the positions were …

Sidestep liability when releasing information on ex-employees

Wal-Mart fired truck driver Joseph Tracz after he tested positive for drugs. When he applied for another job, Tracz signed an authorization form allowing Wal-Mart to release his past drug tests. …

‘Gross Misconduct’ Cancels COBRA Coverage


Q. Do I have to provide a COBRA notice for an employee who is terminated for a positive drug test shortly after starting work? —D.W., Colorado

Smart pre-employment screening can cut cost of future injuries

Woodbridge Corp., a manufacturer of foam padding, used a wrist test to help identify job applicants who might be susceptible to carpal tunnel syndrome. If applicants’ test results were abnormal, Woodbridge …

Test before deciding on employee’s limits

Shirley Hoffman was a whiz at her indexing job at Caterpillar Inc. She moved faster than almost anyone, even though she was born without a left arm below the elbow. Several …

Rx for drug testing: A firm policy, legal knowledge

If you’re not testing employees for drugs yet, some of your best excuses are going up in smoke. New testing devices are cheaper and less invasive than urine tests. Example: Products …

Don’t assume whether or not workers can pass job tests

Jade McKenzie never had a negative job review in 10 years with the county sheriff’s department. Then came a psychological meltdown prompted, in part, by post-traumatic stress related to childhood sexual …

EEOC scowls at genetic testing

If you’re weighing the costs of testing workers to predict future disabilities, don’t forget to count the attorney fees. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently called genetic testing by …