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Lockdowns are devastating business, personal finances

Half of America’s small businesses can’t afford to pay employees for a full month under the current economic lockdown meant to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, according to survey results released April 1 by the Society for Human Resource Management.

Snapshot: Jobs that don’t require a college degree

Only 35% of jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, while 30% require some college or an associate’s degree.

Snapshot: What do applicants lie about on their résumés?

36% of respondents to a recent survey said they had lied on a résumé.

Snapshot: Teens were a decade of falling unemployment

After hitting 10% in 2009 following the Great Recession, the U.S. unemployment rate fell steadily through the 2010s.

Study identifies best, worst cities for jobseekers

A booming employment market is good news for jobseekers—and signals a super-competitive hiring environment for employers. A new study by personal finance advisor WalletHub finds that hiring prospects vary greatly from locale to locale.

Hey, we still have some standards at work!

New research from global staffing firm Accountemps reveals some do’s and don’ts for today’s workplace.

Snapshot: Most moms now work full-time

Fifty years ago, just over half of mothers in the United States worked at all. Now, 72% do.

Survey: Few of us want to work in open-plan offices

Just 28% of employees prefer an office with an open office plan, while 52% want private offices.

Snapshot: What millennials say would improve their careers

Work that has a positive impact on the world is important for 90% of millennial employees, but almost as many would settle for bigger paychecks.

Young workers expect yearly promotions

Gen Z and millennial employees are ambitious about chasing career opportunities but jaded, or perhaps just realistic, about their prospects.