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What’s the Correct HR-to-Employee Ratio?

Is your HR department understaffed or overstaffed? Here’s a formula to correctly calculate your organization HR-to-employee ratio.

The new EEO-1 form: Prepare for big changes


Many employers need to file the EEOC’s annual EEO-1 report by September 30. Get ready for big changes, as the form has been significantly revised for the first time in 40 years.

Run outsourcing like a business; it’ll boost HR’s image


HR is becoming less of a task-oriented profession and more of a project-management one. The biggest example: outsourcing. Follow these tips to use outsourcing to demonstrate your business acumen …

8 ways to help employees cut their own health care costs


Shifting some health care costs to employees can help control an organization’s ballooning expenses, but it doesn’t make employees healthier or reduce their need for services. Help your organization progress down the path toward employee engagement by using these eight tips

Boosting productivity makes you a true strategic player


Execs in your organization constantly look for ways to reduce labor costs and improve work force productivity to keep up with competition. Most likely, those bosses don’t ask your advice … and you don’t give it. To start playing a role in improving productivity, take the following steps

Benchmark your health benefits with other Michigan employers


Wondering how your health care benefits measure up against those of other Michigan employers? Find out by participating in McGraw Wentworth’s 2007 Mid-Market Group Benefits Survey

Benchmark organization’s health benefits using new online database


The U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, part of the Department of Health and Human Services, has introduced a database of average annual health care costs for workers and employers in major U.S. cities …

Gain Support for HR Initiatives With Split-Sample Testing


Say you want to implement a new training program for sales reps. But every time you propose a new HR initiative like this, executives question whether it can work or say the company can’t afford it. Next time, take a different approach …

Walking competition generates ROI of 10 times the cost


Employees at Amherst, N.Y.-based Ivoclar Vivadent started walking in the spring, and for 20 weeks, they didn’t stop. Thirty teams of four people each used pedometers to count their steps and competed to see who could walk the most. …

Are you spending too much on employee benefits?


The U.S. government’s main survey on wages and benefits, Employer Costs for Employee Compensation, offers a good quarterly snapshot that can help you benchmark your own pay and perks …