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Play it smart by aligning yourself with the CFO


Corporate pressures now call for closer ties between HR and top finance. Winning the CFO as an ally can help earn funding for HR projects, and your strategy smarts will draw attention. Take steps to cultivate the relationships and learn the numbers he or she thrives on …

Health premium costs still rising, but not as sharply

When it comes to health insurance premiums, the good news is relative.
It’s true that premiums rose less in 2005 than the previous four years. This year’s 9.2 percent average …

Justify your training proposals with ROI calculations

Issue: Executives are reluctant to approve training unless they can prove that it will pay for itself many times over.
Benefit: By providing the CEO with legitimate return-on-investment (ROI) figures, …

Show how HR helps forward the big boss’s goals

Issue: Learn the top brass’s priorities, and then match them up with your HR projects.
Benefit: By showing how your work helps the big bosses meet their goals, you become …

Benchmark your benefits; costs take biggest jump since ’90

Issue: It’s more important than ever to know if you’re budgeting too much, too little or the right amount for employee benefits. Risk: By ignoring industry …

Pitch your tech project in ‘finance speak’

Want to win approval of a pet HR technology project? Use “finance speak,” not “HR speak,” to pitch it to senior management. HR specialists tend to couch the benefits of …

Cut training costs by gauging the ROI

Issue: Prove that dollars spent on training employees represent money well spent. Risk: Going out on a limb without convincing proof. Action: Use free online tools to help you …

Choose the right HR metrics for your organization

Issue: You probably track several HR-related numbers, but are you sure you’re tracking the right ones? Benefit: By tracking the right metrics, you enhance your perception as a strategic partner. …

Features to look for in performance-appraisal software

Issue: Choose the software that best suits your organization’s needs. Benefits: Involving managers in the evaluation process not only helps you find the most appropriate software, it prompts them to …

4 ways to improve your disability-management program

Issue: Poorly managed disability-management programs and rising costs can reduce your organization’s profits. Benefit: By making disability programs more efficient, you boost the bottom line and your stature in the …