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Personnel Files

What goes into a personnel file?


Q. What kinds of information and documents should we keep in our personnel files? …

What to do with the ‘Informal’ personnel files our managers keep


Q. In addition to the official personnel files we keep in HR, our supervisors keep informal or working files. Is this allowed? Does this practice present any concerns? …

Document all employee record requests


The Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right to Know Act gives employees the right to review their personnel records. The law requires employees to make written requests to look at the files before they seek legal redress. Keep a clear record of all requests …

Employer responsibilities when subpoena demands personnel files

Q. What should the employer do when an employee’s personnel file is subpoenaed? …

How long must we retain the records on former employees?

Q. We’re drowning in paper and have pretty high turnover. That means we keep records for lots of former employees. How long is an employer required to keep employment records and notices under state law? …

Carrot or stick? Motivating managers to finish reviews


HR can waste lots of time and energy hounding supervisors to complete their performance reviews. Choose the best mix of incentives and penalties to inspire managers to do reviews right and on time …

Access to personnel files


Q. Am I required by law to give my employees copies of documents contained in their personnel files? …

Tar Heel tickets a political football for Edwards’ campaign


When Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards returned to the University of North Carolina (UNC) to establish a poverty think tank in 2005, his salary was a matter of public record. But what the press really wanted to know was how many Tar Heel athletics tickets did he try to get? …

The 10 rules every HR pro must know


Lawsuits may be inevitable in today’s litigious society, but losing them is not. Follow these 10 rules to prevent the most common employment-related lawsuits—or at least increase your chances of winning them.

Stolen disc costs two jobs, plus a week of vacation


An Ohio Office of Management and Budget intern was fired, and a manager has resigned after someone broke into the intern’s car and stole a computer disc containing sensitive state payroll and accounting information …