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Strategic Planning

Help employees keep their work/Life resolutions


The top three New Year’s resolutions for people: 1. Strike a better balance between work and home life. 2. Exercise more. 3. Avoid bad relationships. Your organization can’t help workers avoid disastrous dates, but it can help with the first two items

OSHA Compliance: Fly Under the Radar of Beefed-Up Inspections


The Occupational Safety and Health Act is the main federal law requiring employers to provide a safe and healthy workplace. In recent years, OSHA has cranked up its enforcement, especially targeting employers that are repeat or “willful” violators

How to comply with state’s new Mental Health Parity Law


Shortly before leaving office, Gov. Pataki signed New York’s Mental Health Parity Law, which requires insurers to provide mental health benefits in all health insurance policies issued in the state …

Workers’ Comp: Tips on Reducing Costs


HR Law 101: Employers can significantly reduce the cost of their workers’ compensation premiums by following a program of accident prevention, better claims management and prevention of fraud and abuse …

10 ways to cut your organization’s legal bills

Perhaps the last thing you want to think about is hiring an attorney. But someday you will probably have to work with attorneys on contracts or even — perish the thought — lawsuits aimed at your organization. The good news is you can take some steps to contain the cost of using outside lawyers. Here are the 10 best ways to trim your legal expenses.

10 ways to squeeze more value from your EAP


Is your organization reaping the full financial benefits from its employee assistance program (EAP)? If employees aren’t using it, the answer is probably “no” …

Taking on more work/Life duties? Start by collecting data


As work/life benefits have become mainstream, organizations have shifted their administration from stand-alone work/life departments to their employee benefits specialists. The good news is that the same management skills that contribute to an outstanding comp or benefits program also make for the best work/life programs

Headhunters Luring Your Staff? Fend ‘Em Off With Tough Tactics


Your organization continuously spends time and money to replace employees wooed away by headhunters. You know the best defense against all turnover—including headhunters—is a workplace that values employees. But as a last resort, you can also turn to proactive anti-poaching strategies

Independent Contractors: The Legal Boundaries

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Employees favoring PPOs and HMOs over consumer-Directed health plans


Consumer-directed health plans (CDHP) may be all the rage in the future, but they’re slow to catch on so far …