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New risk: Promotion without pay

After her male supervisor retired, Lynda Hunt was promised a raise and a new job title if she’d take on some of her ex-supervisor’s duties. She agreed and began training, disciplining …

React fast, firmly to harassment; courts will reward your judgment

A political cover-up usually gets people in bigger trouble than the crime itself. The same is true in the workplace. Trying to sweep employee misbehavior under the rug will only dig …

Root out violent applicants by asking right questions

Sept. 11 put a new kind of workplace violence on the radar screen, but the threat of verbal and physical attacks by co-workers, customers and spouses is still just as pressing …

Firing harassers is OK, even without formal company policy

Machine operator Louvenia Hall complained that a co-worker repeatedly harassed her. When the company investigated, it found that Hall had returned the favor by harassing him, too. The company’s solution: Fire …

Definition of ‘work environment’ just got wider–so did your risk

During a layover in Rome, two Delta flight attendants went shopping. Afterward, the male employee invited his female co-worker to his hotel room to sample a new wine. After drinking a …

States up the ante in harassment liability

Two pivotal Supreme Court decisions in 1998 gave employers a powerful new weapon to defend themselves when sued because of harassment by a supervisor. But recent rulings in a handful of …

Leaving managers untrained is ‘extraordinary mistake’

Anthony Mathis had 24 years’ experience selling cars, but the application he dropped off at Phillips Chevrolet didn’t even get him an interview. The dealership hired seven younger salespeople. Mathis …

Update safety priorities to cut injuries, costs

Companies typically get a return on investment of $3 for every dollar they spend improving workplace safety. But new research shows many companies place too little priority on accident causes that …

Consistency: Your key defense

Three employees at a Minnesota prison complained when told they had to sit through a mandatory training session on gays and lesbians in the workplace. The warden tried to ease their …

Liability doesn’t stop at company door

The president of Windermere Relocation Services really wanted to win the Starbucks account. He told Maureen Little, the firm’s top corporate services manager, that he wanted to “do whatever it takes …