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Avoid your state’s HR legal landmines

Toe the line on federal employment law and state law could still trip you up. In fact, a growing number of aggressive attorneys no longer stop with federal laws like FMLA, ADA and FLSA. They’re using state and local living-wage statutes, rural codes, plus discrimination and other laws to sue employers for sky’s-the-limit damages.

Plus, they can sue you personally.  That means your bank account, your home and everything else you’ve worked for is at risk every time you make an HR decision at work.

The HR Specialist’s State Employment Law print newsletters deliver state-specific guidance to help sue-proof every aspect of HR. Written in plain English, they’re your insurance policy for staying in step with current interpretations of state and local laws – and out of court

Each state-specific newsletter connects you with exclusive features:

  • Solutions, News, and Real-World Case Studies: Get many ready-to-implement strategies for avoiding court, fines and personal liability involving state and local employment laws and how those laws interact with federal laws such as FMLA, ADA, and FLSA.
  • HR Resources: Free reports and tools including your state’s guidance on wiping out fraud and abuse under FMLA, how to handle payroll reporting for tip-earning employees, ready-to-use forms and more.
  • Legal Briefs: At-a-glance summaries of how recent cases from your state courts affect everything from ADA, discipline, sexual harassment, and other lawsuit-triggering areas.
  • The Mailbag: YOUR employment law questions answered by the editor — an experience, reputable employment law attorney in your state.
  • Weekly E-Letter and HR Legal Alerts: Sent via e-mail, these updates provide early-warning intelligence on the latest HR news and practices.


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