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Can I allow interns to work for free?

Q. A few local college students have expressed interest in interning at my dental office. I could really use their help filing papers, putting things on the computer and dealing with the patients. Can I utilize unpaid interns without breaking the law?

How should I accommodate breastfeeding at work?

Q. An employees is about to return from maternity leave and wants to pump breast milk at work. She is asking for a room specifically designated for pumping, as she feels uncomfortable doing so in the bathroom or the office, and for several breaks during the day. Do I have to provide this accommodation?

Boss beat-down: What’s our liability?

Q. We recently had an incident in which a supervisor hit one of our employees. Are we liable? And what types of workplace violence is a company responsible for preventing?

Are posters required at every worksite?

Q. Must a company post mandatory notices at every worksite? What are the penalties for failing to put up the mandatory posters?

Must we pay for employees’ auto repairs?

Q. Are employers responsible for fixing an employee’s car if it is involved in an accident while traveling to conduct company business on company time?

How often can employees see their files?

Q. Does Pennsylvania law limit on how frequently employees may review their personnel files?

What are California’s unique overtime rules?

Three questions about overtime pay in California.

Do we have to pay our interns this summer?

Q. Our company is considering hiring student interns this summer. Are we required to pay them under California law?

Must we pay out unused PTO on termination?

Q. I know that California employers are required to pay out unused vacation time, but what about accrued but unused PTO or floating holidays?

Do we have to hire the partying applicant?

Q. We are hiring a new salesperson, and were about to offer the position to a seemingly well-qualified applicant. As part of our reference check, a social media search was also conducted. Several photos of the candidate passed out surrounded by empty booze bottles at what looks like a fraternity party and other photos of partying were found. We are considering not hiring this applicant because of the results of the social media search. Would that present any problem for us legally?