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When workers drive company vehicles, must we pay for travel time?

Q. My nonexempt employees drive company vans from their homes to customers’ homes throughout the day. Am I required to pay employees for time they spend driving to customers’ homes or sitting in traffic?

How should we respond to the Texas open-carry law that goes into effect next year?

Q. I keep hearing about the new Texas open-carry law. Does this law apply to all offices? What steps should I take if the new legislation has a negative impact on my business?

How do we handle these two FMLA edge cases?

Q: “An employee requests permission to arrive 5-10 minutes late for work each morning because her spouse suffers from multiple sclerosis, and is so fatigued that he cannot get out of bed on his own in the morning to take his medicine. Is the employee considered eligible for intermittent FMLA? Is an employee asking to leave work on occasion to pick up her father, who suffers from dementia and sometimes wanders off, eligible for intermittent FMLA?” – April, Tennessee

Are we legally required to stop bullying?

Q. We have been hearing so much in the news about workplace bullying. In Minnesota, are employers legally obligated to prevent or stop mean behavior in the workplace?

Is co-worker resentment a reason to turn down ill worker’s telecommuting request?

Q. One of our employees requested that we accommodate his health condition by allowing him to occasionally work from home. We are concerned that this arrangement will cause his colleagues to become disgruntled. May we deny the request for this reason? If not, what information may we share with the employee’s colleagues so that they are more understanding of the situation?

New W-2, 1099 penalties for employers explained

Q. I heard that there have been increases in the IRS penalties that employers have to pay for failing to file (or filing incorrect) tax documents?

What are the payday rules in Texas?

Q. What payment and deduction requirements does the Texas Payday Law include?

Are employers liable for negligence if they hire employees with prior criminal convictions?

Q. I am considering hiring a few job applicants who have prior criminal convictions on their records. Can I be liable for negligence if one of these individuals breaks the rules again?

What happens if we bounce a paycheck?

Q. What are the penalties for failing to make timely payments or for issuing a paycheck that bounces under the Texas Payday Law?

How does a tip credit work with minimum wage?

Q. May we count tips received by our employees, including restaurant servers, toward the payment of their minimum wage?