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Best Buy also cuts jobs


Best Buy, the nation’s largest electronics retailer, will cut an undisclosed number of jobs at its Richfield headquarters. The news comes after 500 employees already left under a voluntary buyout program.

How should we handle layoffs without risking discrimination claims?


Q. We need to cut two employees from our marketing department. One of the employees we would prefer to keep was hired only six months ago. If we don’t base our decision on seniority, are we more susceptible to discrimination claims?

Factory sit-in workers file unfair labor practices charges


The employees who took over Republic Windows and Doors, an Illinois window manufacturing plant, last year after the owner announced he would shut it down have filed an unfair labor practices charge against their former employer and the owner.

Stop lawsuits by checking bankruptcy filings


Laid off or fired employees often have to resort to bankruptcy when their economic situations tank. What they often forget, however, is that they must list in that bankruptcy filing any pending litigation that could net them cash. If they don’t, and their debts are discharged, they can be barred from suing you.

Automakers offer early retirement packages


General Motors and Chrysler have offered blue-collar workers at selected plants early retirement packages. The buyouts allow the struggling manufacturers to cut short-term costs, but also reduce future labor costs.

Be on guard for age discrimination suit if older worker offers to work for less


Older employees who learn they might be laid off for economic reasons—especially those who have recently spoken with an employment lawyer—have begun trying an interesting tactic: They’re volunteering to work for less pay. Take those offers seriously.

Tanking finance sector puts NYC at top of job loss list


According to a forecast by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, New York City will lead the nation in job losses in 2009. The Big Apple is expected to lose about 181,000 jobs this year—most of which can be attributed to the collapse of the city’s financial sector.

‘Wage adjustments’ may be trend to watch


These difficult economic times could get worse. As you think about your labor budget, consider that many Pennsylvania employers are already taking steps to reduce staff. Some are cutting the wages of those who are lucky enough to keep their jobs. This last tactic even has a new name—“wage adjustment.”

North Carolina workers: scared; biz leaders: fingers crossed


The economic meltdown has North Carolinians caught in the grip of fear and insecurity, but state business leaders are cautiously optimistic things could turn around sooner rather than later.

Jobless claims crash unemployment comp system


States—such as North Carolina—that have moved to electronic filing for unemployed workers have learned what can happen when too many people try to use the e-filing systems at the same time.