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Decided to terminate? Don’t wait to act

Once you have made the decision to fire a worker, try to carry out the firing promptly. Delaying can backfire. If you must wait, write a memo memorializing when and why you made the discharge decision. That documentation can help you later if the terminated worker files a lawsuit.

Keep it Legal: 5 tips for firing employees the right way

Firing employees is one of the most challenging parts of being a manager, but it is also often unavoidable. If you need some help building up this essential skill, don’t worry. BambooHR published a recent blog offering five helpful tips on how to fire an employee the right way.

Factor workers’ immigration status into layoff decisions

Fears of a looming recession have some employers making contingency plans for laying off workers. Before you follow suit, think carefully about how you’d bring back employees if the economy rebounds quickly. That’s especially important if you wind up having to lay off employees who are legally working in the United States on immigrant visas that require remaining employed.

Protect your company with a sound termination policy

Terminating employees, particularly involuntarily, is a part of the job that most business owners and HR managers dread. Firing or laying off staff members is a tough decision, but it sometimes needs to be done due to misconduct or business changes. And when it does, it’s vital to have a legally sound termination policy in place.

Autistic employee fired after 37 years: McDonald’s will pay $100,000 to settle

Two months after a new franchisee took over a McDonald’s restaurant, management fired Anthony, an employee with autism, who had worked at McDonald’s for 37 years, earning excellent performance reviews and accolades.

Twitter HR invents new category of fired worker

Twitter’s HR department now has a new category of worker: “accidentally terminated.”

Quick quitting could be coming your way

You’ve heard of “quiet quitting,” when employees perform the bare minimum required and clock out precisely when their workday ends. Well, you’ve got a new nightmare—quick quitting! That refers to a worker who leaves your employ within six months to a year.

Lay people off the right way—or face a whirlwind of lawsuits

Layoffs are an unfortunate but sometimes necessary part of doing business. With high inflation and jitters over a recession, some companies have no choice but to make cuts. But there’s a right and wrong way to go about them.

Snapshot: High-tech, high layoffs

The tech sector is not always a herald of larger economic trends, but the sheer number of people laid off during the first two weeks of November—about 20,000 employees—has staggered even seasoned HR managers.

Would you fire this employee?

People can express their opinions, of course. But if the person is posting with the name of their employer and a title that indicates that they hold a senior office, their disparaging post could damage the entire company’s reputation.