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Prepare to contest restoring unemployment when employees quit soon after starting


When a worker receiving unemployment benefits accepts a job she isn’t required to accept because it is “unsuitable” for her training, education or ability, she can quit within 30 days and regain unemployment benefits. But simply quitting because she thinks she is going to be discharged doesn’t count.

IRS extends deadline for providing ACA notices to March 2


You have an additional 30 days to provide 2017 Affordable Care Act health insurance reporting forms to employees.

Court blocks Trump rule on ACA contraceptive mandate


A federal judge in Philadelphia has issued a temporary injunction prohibiting the Trump administration from enforcing new rules giving employers wide latitude to exclude coverage of birth control from their health plans if they have moral or religious objections.

New tax law includes several key changes to employee benefits


Major tax reform legislation just passed carries important changes for employers, HR and payroll departments.

Supreme Court passes on same-sex benefits


On Dec. 4, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a case testing whether the court’s landmark decision legalizing gay marriage requires government entities to provide the same employee benefits to same-sex couples that heterosexual couples receive.

Poll: Employee benefits are our favorite tax breaks


As a congressional conference committee negotiates the final terms of tax reform legislation, a new poll of working Americans shows more support for maintaining the tax-favored status of employer-provided benefits than for the popular mortgage interest deduction.

Employer-sponsored health plan costs rose 2.6% in 2017


Cost growth has averaged just 3.3% annually over the past five years, compared to 6.2% over the prior five-year period.

Cover all bases when settling workers’ comp claim


Sometimes, employers and employees decide to settle a workers’ compensation claim. But don’t assume that will put an end to the matter—unless you have expert legal help drafting a complete release of any and all claims.

When it comes to unemployment benefits, angry outburst isn’t reason enough to quit


Courts will always examine employment issues through the lens of one question: Would an average, reasonable worker have quit under the circumstances, choosing to become unemployed?

Dependent care flexible spending accounts avoid House tax bill axe


The version of tax reform legislation passed by the House Ways and Means Committee Nov. 9 retains popular dependent care flexible spending accounts.

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