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Work / Life Issues

IBM begins big investment in financial-Planning perks


When Armonk, NY-based IBM announced it would change its pension programs in 2008, the company promised employees a financial-planning and education-benefit program to ease the transition …

Atlanta ranks second in combined housing & transportation costs


For families earning between $20,000 and $50,000 a year, Hotlanta may not be so hot …

Georgia limits workplace rights for breast-Feeding mothers


Q An administrative staff member who recently gave birth is scheduled to return to work in a few weeks. She plans to have her mother bring the baby to the office several times a day so she can breastfeed. Our office manager says that’s not going to happen. Doesn’t Georgia law give women the right to breastfeed in the workplace?

Employees’ kids in the workplace: To ban or not?


A participant in the Forum section of our HR Weekly e-letter (www.theHRSpecialist.com/weekly) complained of the “constant, low-grade distraction” of employees’ children in the office—particularly in summer. He posed this question: “Is it best to ban employees’ kids from the workplace?” Here are some of the comments from other HR professionals …

Women in HR: Boost your career by writing your own annual report


The bad news: You don’t earn as much as your male counterparts. And no one wants to hear you ask for a raise. The good news: You can reinforce "Brand You" by writing a personal annual report. Here’s a six-question template …

Don’t wait for emergency to make flexibility routine


If you think your work/life effort is complete so long as your organization helps its employees with child care, elder care and flexible work hours, it might be time to update your definitions. Work/life programs bring value not only to employees but also to organizations. If you’ve got a good one, chances are you’ll see benefits the next time your company faces an emergency …

Creative benefits help employees with cancer stay on the job


Employees living with cancer increasingly are staying on the job, thanks to benefits like flexibility and intermittent, short-term disability insurance …

NJ Senate bill puts paid family leave on the horizon


The Senate Budget Committee approved a bill May 24 that would grant paid family leave to the employees of most New Jersey businesses …

Mothers and other caregivers get EEOC protection


The EEOC just issued guidelines stating that one’s status as a family member can’t be considered in employment decisions. The agency says the guidelines address “family-responsibility discrimination.” They draw on earlier theories about so-called “gender-plus” discrimination …

As Same-Sex Unions Spread, So Do Job Protections


New Hampshire last month voted to give same-sex couples the same legal rights as other couples, making New England the first region in which every state provides some sort of protection for the civil unions of same-sex partners …