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Four questions every manager should answer

Employee engagement starts with an engaged manager. It’s important to know the general “wants” of employees, but it’s better for supervisors to connect with the specific needs of each worker. Consultant Mel Kleiman suggests managers need to regularly ask themselves these four questions about each of their employees.

Handling common employee gripes about pay

What do you do when workers complain about their pay? Try these responses to common kvetching.

How to discuss employee’s medical condition

Employees often fear that disclosing a health issue to management may change others’ perceptions and limit career opportunities. Providing a supportive environment in which such matters can be discussed, however, is vital to maintaining productivity and reaching solutions.

How to motivate your employees simply by listening to them


Ken Rees takes every opportunity to ask front-line employees to share their ideas and experiences interacting with customers. “That’s where the answers are,” he says. Rees, CEO of Think Finance, energizes his staff with motivational programs that resonate with employees

Away but still connected: Remote access a plus

U.S. employees are upbeat about using their computers, tablets and smartphones to stay connected to the workplace after hours. Nearly eight in 10 (79%) workers view this as a somewhat or strongly positive development.

Simple rules to post in your break room

In most workplaces, the break room is nothing more than a shared kitchen. That doesn’t mean it has to be gross. Tack these five simple rules on the break room bulletin board.

Choose words carefully when criticizing

If you have good but temperamental people working for you, you know the problem: Your constructive criticism is often taken as a personal attack. Here’s how to offer suggestions to keep your workplace running smoothly.

To ‘friend’ or not: Social media etiquette or liability issue?

There are personal, business and legal reasons why a boss friending an employee can lead to trouble.

Unplugged: French say Non! to after-hours work calls

Work cellphones won’t be ringing in the middle of the night for more than a million workers in France’s consulting and tech industries, thanks to a pact negotiated by two of the country’s largest white-collar trade unions.

Help create a more transparent workplace


One upside of the turbulent, post-recession world of work: More employers have committed to operating transparently, sharing business metrics and strategic plans with employees. Knowing how the company is doing and where it’s going helps build worker engagement. Here’s how HR can help keep staff informed.