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KPMG’s ‘Network of Women’ cuts turnover of female staff


Nearly 80 percent of the female employees at New York-based KPMG think it’s a great place to work, up from 63 percent in 2004, a company survey shows. Sandra Bushby, director of women’s initiatives, says that’s because of the firm’s “Network of Women”

Total-Compensation Statements: More important than ever


For the first time in five years, HR pros who handle benefits are saying that employee retention is an even more important goal than cost control. The key to keeping good employees in your organization: Make sure they know the dollar value of their benefits packages

Onboarding: 15 questions to ask employees in their first 60 days

With the economy on the rise, employees are finding it easier to leave jobs in which they’re not completely comfortable. That’s putting more pressure on HR and managers to improve the onboarding process for new hires.

Ban smoking or ban smokers? How far can you legally go?


Thirty states and the District of Columbia have established “lifestyle discrimination” laws that prohibit employers from discriminating against employees or applicants based on the person’s off-duty use of tobacco or participation in other legal though controversial activities …

Reduce Turnover by Showing Applicants ‘A Day in the Life’


In their zeal to attract good candidates, HR people and hiring managers often show job candidates only a shiny, happy picture of the organization. That’s not smart …

Employer-Provided health insurance to become exception?


About 60 percent of Michigan residents still receive health insurance through work, but that may not be true for very long …

Total-Comp Statements: More Important Than Ever


Regularly remind employees of the value of your benefits package by distributing total-compensation statements every six months. Organizations that communicate such information can boost loyalty and retention, even when their benefits aren’t the very best …

5 Ohio employers among ‘Best Companies to Work For’


Fortune’s latest list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For, 2007” includes five Ohio employers, led by California-based Vision Service Plan, which ranked No. 23 …

Immigration raids create hiring trouble at Ga. chicken plant


When federal immigration agents descended on tiny Stillmore, Ga., to raid Crider Inc., the local chicken processing plant lost 75 percent of its mostly Hispanic work force in one weekend. Many feared for the local economy …

‘Best Companies to Work For’ includes 26 New York firms


Corporate culture figured prominently in Fortune’s recently released list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For, 2007.” The list includes 11 companies headquartered in New York, plus 15 others operating in the state …