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Prepare employees for benefits changes or lose their trust


As your organization shifts more responsibility to employees to manage their own health and retirement expenses, you risk alienating your work force. But it doesn’t have to be that way …

It’s time to figure out who will replace the boomers


Despite what you’ve heard about would-be retirees clinging to their jobs long into their golden years, the average retirement age is 62. That means the boomers are going to start racing into retirement. How many employees is your organization going to lose? Chances are, you don’t know. Most organizations don’t know how old their employees are or when those in their 60s plan to retire. Supervisors may know on a case-by-case basis, but what the organization needs is an overall profile so a mad dash out the door doesn’t catch anyone by surprise …

Want to become strategic? Know the 3 projects to tackle


Only 23% of execs say HR plays a key role in shaping company strategy and affecting operating results, says a new Deloitte survey. The key for you: “Pick a project that impresses executives, impacts the bottom line and makes good use of your time,” says Dave Ulrich, co-founder of the RBL Group and a University of Michigan business professor …

Raises to remain flat in ’08, but bonuses gain favor


A trio of closely watched national salary surveys say that employers plan to dole out annual pay raises of about 3.8% in 2008. The biggest trend: Employers are devoting an increasing amount of their salary budgets to bonuses. Here’s how to keep your bonus programs fair and legal…

It IS rocket science: Learn from NASA how to prevent ‘Brain drain’ at your company


Use NASA’s seven-question approach to help stem the loss of critical knowledge at your organization…

Diversity effort includes training next leaders


Efforts to increase diversity and retention form the basis of two programs at New York-based Deloitte & Touche. The Breakthrough Leadership Program identifies about 25 of the company’s top minority professionals who exhibit leadership qualities …

Profit sharing and ‘No walls’ management boost job referrals


About 70% of all hires at Findley, Ohio-based hiring firm Right Thing come highly recommended by the organization’s own employees. What gets employees talking to their friends about joining the firm? It’s the company’s laid-back atmosphere—with no formal managers or departments—and an employee profit-sharing plan that involves half the company profits …

Intense training cuts turnover among hourly staff


At Zeppe’s Pizzeria in Bedford Heights, Ohio, managers focus on experiential training, and lots of it. Franchisees receive a six-week course, but even hourly delivery drivers have up to four days’ training …

Recruiting & Retaining: 6 Real-Life Examples of Successful Programs


Turnover among female employees at New York-based KPMG has declined by 22 percent in the past three years. One big reason: The KPMG Network of Women, or KNOW, helps female staff with professional development

$100,000 cash prize helps improve attendance, recruiting


When Chicago-based Staff Management wanted to recruit more than 1,000 seasonal workers over the busy December holidays, it lured them by offering a $100,000 cash prize to a lucky employee who had perfect attendance …