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Overlooked retention tool: Show employees a future path

Many employers are missing out on a simple, no-cost way to retain employees—communicate your promotions and promotion policies.

Reinstate fun, family focus to recruit and retain

If your organization is suffering a post-recession exodus of its most valuable employees, here’s an old-school idea to stop the drain: Add job perks that your competitors don’t offer.

Consulting firm offers ‘no unwanted travel’


Slalom Consulting guarantees its employees that all of its clients are local, so they don’t have to travel if they don’t want to. That guarantee draws travel-weary consultants and new grads who don’t want to stray too far from home who, in turn, keep hiring and retention rates high.

Abbott touts innovation to recruit, retain scientists

Abbott Laboratories’ strategy for recruiting and retaining employees reaches beyond touting its health, retirement and work/life benefits. The Abbott Park, Ill., pharmaceutical company gives equal play to its employees’ cutting-edge research.

Boost retention: Focus on every new employee’s ‘5 Firsts’


Keeping your best people doesn’t have to take a lot of time. All it really takes are small doses of quality time that make the most of first impressions. Hiring and retention guru Mel Kleiman offers a five-stage timetable for getting new hires to peak performance and keeping them there.

Turn your recognition program on its head with peer-to-peer initiatives


Is your recognition program a top-down affair, with execs deciding how to sprinkle around the praise and prizes? Actually, studies show peer-to-peer recognition can boost employee morale and productivity more than traditional reward programs. Some examples:

Keeping the best: 11 ways to retain key talent

To thrive in today’s economy, employers must focus retention efforts on their highest performers. Here’s how:

Take steps to make a ‘newbie’ feel welcome

Just as communication at the beginning of a marriage can indicate if it will end in divorce, the foundation established early on with a new hire is crucial to productivity, engagement and retention. Onboarding programs yield the best results if they cover these five areas: clarification, connection, culture, compliance and check back.

Motivate high performance by promising rewards

Employee recognition programs aren’t quite as popular as they once were, but the 86% of businesses that use them find that rewards and in­­centives can still spur sales, improve retention and employee loyalty, and raise productivity during an era of slim pay raises and uncertain bonuses.

Landscaper’s generous benefits cut recruiting costs to nothing


The general manager of A Yard & A Half Land­scaping says she spends nothing on recruiting because the firm’s employees are eager to get jobs there for their family and friends. That might be because the organization’s benefits include the usual (medical, dental and retirement plans) and also the unusual.