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Labor Relations / Unions

Supreme Court rejects NLRB test for supervisor status

Whom do you consider to be supervisors at your company? It’s a question you’ll have to take a fresh look at in light of a new U.S. Supreme Court decision….

Workers Can Limit Payments to Union


Q. We recently lost a union election, 6-3. What can employees who did not want any part of the union do now? Is there any way for them to get out of this? —K.F., Pennsylvania

Withdrawing recognition of unions just got harder

The National Labor Relations Board recently made it more difficult for employers to withdraw recognition of an incumbent union. For the past 50 years, employers needed only a good-faith belief …

Growing threat: Courts uphold broad interpretation of retaliation

John McMenemy was a lieutenant in the Rochester Fire Department as well as a union officer. He claimed the city twice passed him over for promotion because, while in his union …

State may trump your CBA on family leave.

Under Oscar Mayer’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA), paid sick leave doesn’t start until at least the fourth day of absence. But Wisconsin’s labor department says that under the state’s family leave …

What equals a disability under the ADA? Supreme Court to rule

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to tackle the vexing question of just how serious an impairment has to be before it’s protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Courts …

Unon ‘salt’ entitled to double pay.

When Ferguson Electric refused to hire David Carr because he was a union organizer, the company was found guilty of unfair labor practices and ordered to pay back wages. The company …

Federal contractors: Notify staff of right to skip certain union dues

The Bush administration recently ordered federal contractors to notify workers who are not in a union, but must pay union dues, that they have the right not to pay certain portions …

Cyberspace snooping can cost you

Pilot Robert Konop was so upset with his employer and the union that he created a Web site to vent his feelings, even accusing the company president of fraud and comparing …

New schedule legal, barring contract or illegal reason


Q. Our company of 15 employees manufactures labels in California. We have an employee whom we want to move from the day shift to the swing shift. Although this employee has the most seniority, he has the least experience with the presses we run during the day. When we told the employee of our plans, he said that moving him would be illegal. Is he correct? We are worried that if we move him and he quits, it won’t be the last time that we hear from him. —T.R., California