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Employment Law

Multiple businesses? Keep corporate records straight

Employees who sue for discrimination under Title VII must show that the employer has at least 15 employees. But what about businesses with common ownership that are separate corporate entities?

Lucas sworn in as EEOC’s newest commissioner

Management-side employment lawyer Andrea R. Lucas has been sworn in as the fifth commissioner of the EEOC. Lucas, nominated by President Trump in March, was confirmed in September to serve a term expiring in 2025.

Unions seek binding OSHA coronavirus rules

Unions have filed two lawsuits seeking to compel the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to develop mandatory pandemic-related workplace safety standards. OSHA is pushing back, maintaining that current safety standards and practices do enough to protect frontline workers.

Inheriting workers? Review pay for past bias

If you are adding employees from another company via a merger or acquisition, pay attention to an important pay discrimination problem. Before using your new employees’ previous compensation to set their pay, consider whether that could trigger an Equal Pay Act lawsuit.

NLRB clarifies obligations during pandemic

Several recent cases before the National Labor Relations Board show that the National Labor Relations Act most definitely affects employer obligations during the coronavirus pandemic. Remember, the NLRA covers all employers, not just those that employ union members.

3 questions, 3 answers on parental leave for kids’ schooling during coronavirus

In her recent webinar, FMLA Master Class: The Evolution of Paid Leave, attorney Anniken Davenport fielded questions regarding the emergency paid leave law that went into effect nationwide as a response to the coronavirus pandemic–and specifically, what the law means for employees with school-age children.

Unconscious bias: What is it & how do you manage it?

While the concept of unconscious bias isn’t new, its impact on workplace culture is in the spotlight as HR leaders focus on initiatives to strengthen diversity, equity and inclusion. Unconscious bias training is one of the proactive ways HR can raise awareness of the issue and minimize its influence on behaviors, policies and processes.

Avoid the high cost of not posting promotions

Failing to post job announcements where employees will see them may trigger an expensive lawsuit. That’s a very real problem now. With more employees working remotely, there are fewer chances to spot a promotion opportunity on the breakroom bulletin board or learn about an opening during a casual chat with a co-worker.

Minority employees under-represented at every organizational level

According to the Mercer consulting firm’s new Let’s Get Real About Equality 2020 report, 66% of organizations say senior executives are actively engaged in efforts to foster diversity, equity and inclusion. There is plenty of room for improvement.

I can’t work in the office … and you can’t make me!

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that many employees are just as productive when they’re working from home as they are in the office. Which raises the question: Can you make employees come back to the office?