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Employment Law

‘Bro culture’ in West L.A. brings suspension, lawsuit

Riot Games, developer of the “League of Legends” e-sport game, has suspended Chief Operating Officer Scott Gelb following an investigation of his alleged workplace antics.

No-fighting rule? Punish combatants equally

You probably have a rule against any form of violence in the workplace. Make sure you uniformly discipline everyone involved in any altercation.

Without FMLA notice, no FMLA leave required

Employees have to let their employers know when they need FMLA leave. Although they don’t have to specifically mention the FMLA, they do have to pass on enough information so the employer can reasonably understand that’s what the employee is requesting.

Run-of-the-mill gripes don’t justify lawsuits

Courts require employees to have fairly thick skins. Ordinary annoyances aren’t reason enough to quit.

No absolute requirement to notify laid-off workers that their jobs are open again

Sometimes, workers who are laid off are told they’re eligible for rehire. But absent a specific promise to call if there’s a job opening, employees can’t wait months or years to complain about discrimination when they discover the job was open and someone else filled it.

MHRA mandates 45 days to file complaints, but court opts to give employees much longer

The Court of Appeals of Minnesota has made it a bit easier for employees to sue for discrimination under the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

Indefinite leave not reasonable accommodation

Under the ADA, employees who are disabled and have used up all available leave (such as sick leave and FMLA leave) may be eligible for more time off as a reasonable accommodation. But the right to additional unpaid leave isn’t unlimited.

Guthrie Theater wins arbitration case alleging unfair hiring

The renowned Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis has prevailed in a case alleging two employees were unfairly denied job opportunities.

Find out if your website is accessible to the disabled; such lawsuits tripled in 2018

For employers, part of complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act involves making their workplace accessible to disabled customers. But if you serve the public online, the ADA also requires you to make changes to your virtual workplace.

Harassment training has changed in the #MeToo era

The #MeToo movement has resulted in a sharp increase in the number of employers doing preventative training to head off sexual harassment claims, says a Bloomberg Law report.