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Employment Law

Religious objections thwart flu shot mandate

Employers should be mindful that some employees may object on religious grounds to being vaccinated. Mishandling that scenario could result in an employee lawsuit.

Staffing agency sued for ‘perceived as disabled’ bias

Multinational staffing agency Adecco faces an EEOC lawsuit alleging one of its offices in northwestern Pennsylvania violated the ADA when it failed to place a disabled applicant in the position he sought.

Minimum wage for federal contractors goes up in 2019

Effective Jan. 1, 2019, employers performing work on federal contracts must pay workers $10.60 per hour.

Court gives go-ahead to cultural bias case

Treating individuals differently based on cultural bias can backfire for foreign corporations with a presence in the United States.

Facebook comments don’t create hostile environment

A woman who sued her employer over Facebook comments has lost her hostile environment lawsuit.

Employees of companies doing business with Pennsylvania have whistleblower protection

Some private employers have been arguing that the services they provide are not for or to a public body. Therefore, they argue, they can’t be sued for punishing whistleblowing employees. A federal court has concluded that reasoning is wrong.

Public employees’ ordinary work complaints aren’t protected by the First Amendment

Public employees have limited First Amendment rights to speak out about matters of public importance. That doesn’t include simple workplace gripes.

Not yet eligible for FMLA? Consider offering intermittent leave as ADA accommodation

While we usually associate intermittent leave with the FMLA, occasional time off may also be a reasonable accommodation under the ADA.

Alleged hostile environment at Franciscan monastery

Two women who once worked at a central Pennsylvania monastery have filed suit against their former employer alleging one Franciscan brother created a hostile work environment.

Equitably enforce rules against fighting

Rest assured that you won’t be second-guessed if you apply no-fighting rules even-handedly.