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Employment Law

Biden orders FTC to review legality of noncompete agreements

President Biden signed an executive order directing the Federal Trade Commission to examine employers’ use of noncompete agreements and determine whether and when they might violate federal antitrust laws.

The complete guide to state employment law 2021

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No FMLA? Consider time off as ADA accommodation

When an employee is ill but has no leave available, supervisors often tell them they must show up for work or else be fired. But firing her could be a huge mistake. She might have a disability that could be reasonably accommodated by offering unpaid leave.

Bias costs half the value of federal contract

If your employer does business with the federal government, it is vitally important to ensure your workplace is free of discrimination—with the backing of strong anti-discrimination policies.

Supreme Court declines do-overs on anti-LGBT bias

When the U.S. Supreme Court closed out its 2020-2021 term, it signaled that even with a 6-3 conservative majority, it has no appetite for revisiting culture-wars cases involving gender identity and sexual orientation.

Supreme Court limits union-organizing access

The U.S. Supreme Court has handed employers a victory in the struggle to keep labor unions at bay, restricting the amount of time organizers can spend at worksites persuading employees to join a union.

ADA-like process helps accommodate religion

Do you know how to handle a worker’s request for a religious accommodation? If not, a recently filed case offers a lesson on how to proceed. So does the process you usually follow to accommodate ADA disabilities.

EEOC issues new resources on LGBT bias

The commission even developed a new acronym for bias against LGBT employees: SOGI, which stands for sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.

Dems to control NLRB as Biden nominates two union-side lawyers

David Prouty, currently general counsel of the Service Employee International Union’s largest local, would replace outgoing Republican NLRB member William Emanuel, whose term ends in August.

Snapshot: Vaccine status: Transparency vs. privacy

Most employees want to know if co-workers have had covid shots … but don’t want to share if they themselves have been vaccinated.