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Employment Law

Heed EEOC’s latest anti-harassment guidance

A new EEOC report on preventing and addressing workplace harassment of government employees offers important lessons for private-sector employers, too. The report urges all employers to take a multi-pronged approach to creating an anti-harassment culture in their workplaces.

Your anti-harassment obligations are 24/7/365

An employer has the same obligations whether the harassment takes place in the workplace during working hours, in the break room, at the bar during happy hour, via text message or social media, in a grocery store aisle or in outer space.

Follow this process for accommodating disabled employees’ service animals at work

Many people with disabilities use service animals to navigate daily life. It should come as no surprise, then, that they often request permission to bring service animals to work as a reasonable accommodation. How far must an employer go to honor that request? Here’s your guide to accommodating service animals at work.

390,000 good reasons to open official-looking mail

Three women sued a limousine company claiming they weren’t hired as chauffeurs because of their gender. But the company never responded to the legal documents from the court.

Banished to a cubicle: Does isolation = retaliation?

Anything that would dissuade a reasonable employee from complaining in the first place can be considered unlawful retaliation, including being isolated away from co-workers.

Compliance perspectives for employers in the food manufacturing industry

The food manufacturing industry performs an essential function—making sure the country’s population has access to safe and plentiful food at all times. Much like mail delivery, neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night should prevent the stocking of grocery shelves.

‘Other duties’ may be essential under ADA

Can “other duties as assigned” be considered essential tasks when it comes to setting ADA accommodations? That’s an important question, because the ADA only protects employees capable of performing the essential functions of their jobs.

Amazon delivery drivers in California are first to unionize

Drivers who deliver Amazon packages in Southern California have voted to join the International Brotherhood of Teamsters union. The union contract will bring driver wages to $30 per hour by September.

Download brand-new FMLA poster

The Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division has released a new poster informing employees of their FMLA rights. The new poster replaces a version last updated in 2016.

Beware dress codes with gender-specific rules

If your dress and grooming code includes gender-specific requirements, you could be courting a sex-discrimination lawsuit.