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Keep staff vacation schedules away from public view

With summer-vacation season here, you may be tracking employees’ comings and goings using schedules posted on a bulletin board or online. But not everyone thinks so highly of publicly posted …

Tighten policy to foil new identity-theft risks

If your organization hasn’t taken identity theft seriously, here are two good reasons to start now: Starting June 1, federal law requires you to properly dispose
of employee background-check information …

Post vacation schedules only for employee viewing

Issue: To assist in planning, organizations often post employee vacation schedules, especially during summer.
Risk: Some employees may protest, saying it’s an invasion of privacy that makes their house more …

Hair samples are a legitimate method of drug tests.

A police department ordered one if its officers to provide a hair sample for a drug test after it suspected him of using cocaine. The test, which involved shaving a patch …

Make privacy a cornerstone of your culture

Confidentiality can quickly become a legal issue in many workplace decisions and activities.

It IS your business: Protect domestic-violence victims at work

Issue: Your role and responsibilities when it comes to domestic violence in the workplace.
Risk: Doing nothing risks lives, safety, morale, lawsuits and your bottom line.
Action: Take the …

Move your career forward by avoiding ‘Foot-in-Mouth’ disease


Issue: All the talent in the world won’t help if your mouth works against you.
Risk: A penchant to blurt out inappropriate comments at work can undermine your credibility with …

Reinstate employees right after leave; don’t delay

Issue: Employees’ right to immediate reinstatement when returning from leave covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
Risk: Any delay in returning employees to their jobs after FMLA …

Erase ideas of ‘implied contract’ with repeated at-will statements

Make sure all versions of your company policies, whether in employee handbooks, online policies or even offer letters, contain clear at-will employment statements.
As this ruling shows, you won’t be …

Return employees to their jobs promptly after FMLA leave

When employees tell you they’re ready to return from leave taken under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), restore their jobs as soon as possible. Once employees are capable of …