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Supreme Court outlook: 4 key employment cases to watch

The U.S. Supreme Court historically starts new terms on the first Monday in October. This year, for
the first time in three decades, it began work in September. Reason: to …

Follow these 3 rules for conducting pre-hire medical tests

Issue: Requiring a medical test before hiring an applicant is smart, but it carries legal risks.
Risk: A wrong step can trigger Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or privacy lawsuits …

Organize your personnel files to minimize legal risk


THE LAW. Maintaining personnel files can be a chore, but it’s the most important element in defending against claims from employees, ex-employees and regulators …

How to get the inside scoop from applicant references

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Allow applicants to answer negative background-check results

It’s true that your company could be held liable if it rejects an applicant based on inaccurate data in his background check. But don’t stop doing background …

Let applicants respond to background-check results

Issue: You can be held liable for rejecting job applicants because of inaccurate background checks.
Risk: Defamation, invasion of privacy and wrongful-discharge lawsuits …

How to close the door on invasion-of-privacy lawsuits

Most companies don’t spend a lot of time worrying about their employees’ privacy rights. But they should. Consider this: Privacy lawsuits jumped 300 percent …

Drug testing: Minimize lawsuit risk with smart policy

THE LAW. You have the right to demand a drug-free workplace, but employees also have reasonable rights to privacy. That’s why drug testing and substance abuse prevention …

Beware legal risks of using school transcripts in hiring

Worried that poor grades and lax attendance might spell an employment risk, more employers are requesting applicants’ school transcripts. Our advice: …

Monitoring staff phones? Hang up when you realize it’s a personal call

You can monitor your employees’ communications, within reasonable limits. But you can’t let your monitoring escalate to eavesdropping and violate workers’ …