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3 privacy ‘musts’ for securing employee data


Issue: You’re responsible for securing sensitive employee information. Benefits: Privacy measures and policies protect employees from identity theft and privacy invasion. Actions: Refine your privacy policy, institute a proper …

You can monitor workers’ e-mail, but notify them first

Employees won’t sue you for snooping in their e-mail if you make it clear (early and often) that it’s not their e-mail. It’s your property, and you hold the right to …

Small organizations: Prepare for looming HIPAA deadline

Last year, the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) required organizations that sponsored large health care plans (more than $5 million in premiums or claims) to start complying with …

E-mail/Internet use: You have power to set, enforce policy

THE LAW. Don’t believe employees’ claims about their desktop privacy. Current laws give your organization wide latitude to monitor and restrict employees’ use of e-mail, the Internet and other computer …

Keep health data private: ‘HIPAA time’ nears for small firms

Issue: The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) places new privacy requirements on employers. Risk: Smaller businesses must start complying in April. Fines range from $100 per violation …

Personnel Files: How Separate Must They Be?


Q. In a previous issue you said employers “must keep certain records separate from personnel files.” What, specifically, does “separate” mean—in separate drawers of the same file cabinet? In separate offices? How far apart do they need to be? —T.S., Illinois

Show managers why discipline must remain confidential

Issue: If managers “go public” about employee discipline, it could spark an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit.
Risk: Jury awards and damaged employee morale, leading to turnover …

Prevent e-mail ‘spamming’ by angry ex-employees

Issue: A new court ruling makes it more difficult to stop former employees from blitzing your workplace with e-mail messages, including those that criticize …

Don’t ‘call out’ staff slackers in public

Reprimands and demotions are a normal part of managing people. But don’t let supervisors take it a step further by broadcasting a reprimand to those with no reason to know.

Privacy: Don’t open employees’ personal mail

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